Introduction to Arnesys IP based communication systems
Users of Telephone, Intercom, Public Address, Radio, CCTV and Control Systems have come to expect a very high reliability of their systems and the thought of installing standard IT products to substitute for their separate systems, tends to be worrying. In fact, critical components are installed on servers which have a higher inherent reliability than PBXs, Intercom etc etc and which cannot easily be manipulated. In addition, the switches used on the Intranet / LAN have a very high reliability and in extremely critical applications can be installed in an error tolerant ring (or even double ring) structure. LAN terminals such as PCs can pose a problem if users are allowed to install software freely but LAN-System 42 Telephones, Radio, PA, CCTV Interfaces etc are very stable since they cannot be manipulated by users and only run the software the vendor intended.

By integrating voice into their data networks companies can optimise their business. Since a lot of companies administrate their IT infrastructure themselves, they will need to increase their skills to handle the new challenges awaiting them. The traditional service contracts and proprietary solutions of the Telecom, intercom, PA, video worlds will become a thing of the past. IP-based communications and specifically LAN SYSTEM 42 is the new technology of the millennium.
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Lan Phone 42 with Display
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